S Series
S Series

Minimum ratio: 7.34/double stage
Maximum ratio: 394.69/triple stage
HP Range: 1/3 - 200HP (@ 1750RPM)
NEMA C-face: 56C-320TC
Sizes: 5 sizes, 10 versions, 50-120mm
% efficiency: two stage up to 96%, three stage up to 94%

With machined feet, tapped mounting holes and flange mounting available as standard, the SmartBox S Series can adapt easily to any application. Hollow bore or solid shaft output is also available, adding to the SmartBox S Series flexibility.

Smaller SmartBox S Series units are also maintenance-free (sizes 050 and 060). These units are sealed and do not require a breather plug.

All SmartBox PS and IS Series reducers are approved for the baking industry by BISSC.